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Frequently Asked

Is there a warranty on your products?

Absolutely, VAVCRAFT provides a 2-Year Warranty for all our products. To understand the specifics, please visit our Warranty page. Below are common exclusions:

  • Normal wear and tear, including scratches and small marks.
  • Damage from misuse, accidents, or improper care.
  • Items repaired or modified by unauthorized service providers.
  • Loss, theft, or alterations beyond our control.
How can I track my order?

To keep an eye on your order's status and whereabouts, simply visit our Track My Order page.

  • Processing: This status indicates that we have received your order and it's being prepared for shipment. We're getting everything in order to ensure your product reaches you in perfect condition.
  • Shipped: Your order has left our warehouse and is now on its journey to you. You'll receive tracking information to follow its progress to your doorstep.
Is it possible to modify, cancel my VAVCRAFT order, or alter the delivery address?

If adjustments or cancellations to your VAVCRAFT order are needed, or if there's a requirement to modify the delivery details, we kindly request you to contact us within 24 hours of your order placement. Please understand that our diligent team is committed to ensuring timely dispatch of your purchases, which might make post-order modifications challenging.

For uniquely personalized items, such as those that are wallets and card holders, modifications or cancellations cannot be entertained once the order is confirmed.

It appears my VAVCRAFT shipment is delayed. When can I expect it?

If your VAVCRAFT order isn't dispatched by the anticipated delivery date, rest assured our dedicated Customer Happiness Team will provide an update within 24-48 hours. We prioritize keeping our customers in the loop and value your understanding, especially during peak periods. If you have any concerns, feel free to connect with us via Live Chat, email us at [email protected], or send a message to our dedicated hotline. We're here to assist you!


Who are you? What makes VAVCRAFT unique?

VAVCRAFT stands at the forefront of sustainable luxury, specializing in handcrafted wallets and accessories. As a dedicated online retailer, our products, crafted from premium vegetable-tanned leather by skilled artisans, are directly shipped to clients in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and all over the world. Each VAVCRAFT piece reflects our commitment to eco-friendly practices and minimalistic, functional design, offering you a personalized touch of elegance that complements your unique style.

Do you have any stores I can visit?

VAVCRAFT is proud to be based in Hertfordshire, England. Though we don't have any permanent physical stores, we do offer free shipping anywhere in the world. Due to this model, we do not need to carry any showroom and we are able to offer exceptionally affordable prices for unique leather goods.

How does VAVCRAFT give back to the community?

At VAVCRAFT, we're committed not just to sustainable luxury but also to fostering positive global change. We actively support environmental conservation and community development, particularly in artisan communities, and promote eco-friendly practices. Additionally, we're dedicated to reducing waste and encouraging sustainable living. To solidify our commitment, we proudly contribute 5% of our profits towards these charitable efforts, continually seeking innovative ways to nurture a healthier planet and empower communities worldwide.

Do you wholesale your leather products?

Yes, we do offer our leather goods for wholesale. Please get in touch with our support team at [email protected] for more information and details about our wholesale options. We would be delighted to assist you with your wholesale requirements.


What leather types do you offer?

At VAVCRAFT, we specialize in two primary types of premium leather for our wallets and accessories. We offer Vegetable-Tanned Leather, celebrated for its eco-friendliness and the rich patina it develops over time. Additionally, we provide exquisite Crazy Horse Leather, known for its durability and unique distressed appearance that enhances with use. Both these leather types are chosen for their quality, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. For a closer look at the leathers we use, visit our leather types page.

Are VAVCRAFT leather products environmentally friendly?

Yes, VAVCRAFT is committed to sustainability. Our leather is vegetable-tanned, a natural process using organic materials that minimizes environmental impact. We strive to source responsibly and reduce our carbon footprint, ensuring our products are as eco-conscious as they are stylish.

Is your leather suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, absolutely. VAVCRAFT's leather products are crafted with natural materials and are generally suitable for people with sensitive skin. However, individual sensitivities vary, so if you have known allergies or very sensitive skin, we recommend consulting a specialist before making a purchase.

How should I store my leather goods when not in use?

To maintain the quality and longevity of your leather items, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity. Consider using breathable cloth bags to prevent dust accumulation and to allow the leather to air out.

How do I clean my leather goods, and how often should I clean them?

For routine maintenance, wipe your leather goods with a dry, soft cloth every few weeks. If they become soiled, gently clean the surface with a damp cloth and mild, leather-friendly cleaner. Allow them to dry naturally, away from direct heat. Conditioning your leather products every 6-12 months helps maintain their suppleness and prevents cracking.

How should I care for my leather items during summer or in hot climates?

During summer or in hot climates, protect your leather goods from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat, which can dry out and fade the leather. Also, avoid contact with water, such as swimming pools or the ocean, as this can warp and stain the leather. Regularly clean and condition your items to protect them from the effects of sweat and sunscreen.

Can my leather goods get wet?

While our leather goods are durable, they are not waterproof. Prolonged exposure to water can cause damage such as warping, staining, and weakening of the leather. If your item does get wet, gently pat it dry with a soft cloth and allow it to air dry naturally away from direct heat.

Will my leather item change over time?

Yes, one of the beautiful aspects of high-quality leather is that it develops a patina over time. This natural aging process will darken the color and enhance the texture of your item, making it uniquely yours. Regular use and proper care will ensure your leather goods age gracefully.


Do I need to pay an additional fee for express shipping?

At VAVCRAFT, we offer express shipping for those who need their items quickly, available for an additional fee. Please select this option at checkout if you wish to expedite your delivery.

Are delivery dates guaranteed during the public holidays?

Delivery dates are not guaranteed due to high shipping volumes during the public holidays. We are experiencing some delays in order processing, but we are working hard to fulfill orders as soon as possible. We will update you via email once your order has shipped. Please be assured that we are doing our best to get your order to you as soon as we can.

How do I track my order?

After packing, a tracking number will be sent to the email address provided on your order. We do our best to process all items for shipment within two business days of receiving the order. Once it has been scanned in with USPS, you will then see your tracking code activate and begin to update. For more details, visit our Shipping and Tracking page.

How long does it typically take to receive an order?

All orders are put into the process after payment confirmation within 24 hours. All orders are sent via UPS Express or USPS. You are being informed about your parcel tracking number via your registered email address on our system. The products are usually delivered within 5-7 working days once the order is made. Shipping may take longer than 10 days depending on national customs regulations. VAVCRAFT cannot be held responsible for any delays due to such formal procedures. Please note that items that are personalized or customized, delivery delays may occur.

My package says delivered, but I didn't receive it.

Sometimes packages are marked as delivered before they actually arrive. In most cases, your package will arrive in 1-2 business days. Be sure to check with your neighbors and post office for more information in the meantime. Please note that we're not responsible for lost or stolen packages, so please be sure to choose a secure delivery location.

Will my purchase arrive gift-wrapped?

All purchases arrive in VAVCRAFT's premium box which is 100% giftable!


What is the VAVCRAFT's Return Policy?

VAVCRAFT provides free 30-day returns for all customers in the US, Canada, and UK. Please note, while shipping fees are non-refundable, a return shipping fee of $20 is applied to returns from the EU and $30 for returns from other countries. These fees will be deducted from your refund. For comprehensive information, please visit our Return and Exchanges page.

How do I know if my item is eligible for return?

Items must be in their original condition without signs of wear or damage, and must be returned with all original packaging.

Are there any items that cannot be returned?

Yes, all personalized products are non-returnable.

What is the VAVCRAFT Exchange Policy?

We only offer product exchanges within the first 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, we no longer provide an exchange with a new item.

Is shipping fee included in the VAVCRAFT 2-Year Warranty?

No, the shipping fee is not included in the VAVCRAFT 2-Year Warranty. After the initial 30-day period, customers are responsible for the shipping costs when sending a product back for adjustments or replacement.

How do I return or exchange an item?

To return or exchange an item, please visit our "Return & Exchanges" page on our website. Follow the instructions to submit a request, and our Customer Happiness Team will guide you through the process.

How long will the return and exchange process take?

The duration of the process can vary depending on the nature of the adjustment or replacement, and your location. Rest assured, we will do our best to process your request as quickly as possible.

What should I do if I receive the wrong item?

If you receive the wrong item, please contact our Customer Happiness Team immediately. We will guide you through the process of returning the item and ensure you receive the correct item as soon as possible.

What if my leather good is damaged after the 30-day period?

If your leather product requires repair or adjustment within the first 30 days after purchase, we provide these services free of charge. Beyond this period, however, these services are available for a fee. Please note that material defects are repaired for free under our 2-Year Warranty.

Are all VAVCRAFT items covered by the 2-Year Warranty?

All items sold directly by VAVCRAFT are covered by our 2-Year Warranty, unless specified otherwise. However, note that after the 30-day period, repairs are subject to a fee, and no exchange with a new item will be offered.


What does the VAVCRAFT 2-Year Warranty cover?

The VAVCRAFT 2-Year Warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship that result in the product failing during normal usage and wear. For a comprehensive understanding of what's included and the terms involved, please visit our Warranty Page.

What's not included in the warranty?

The VAVCRAFT warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, including scratches and small marks, or damage resulting from misuse, accidents, or improper care. Additionally, it excludes items that have been repaired or modified by unauthorized service providers, as well as any loss, theft, or alterations beyond our control.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Contact our Customer Happiness Team with details and photos of the issue, and they'll guide you through the process.

Will I pay for shipping if I need a repair under warranty after 30 days?

Yes, with VAVCRAFT, after the initial 30-day period, customers are responsible for the shipping costs associated with repairs covered under the warranty.

What if my VAVCRAFT item requires repair or adjustment after the first 30 days?

After the initial 30 days, VAVCRAFT offers repair and adjustment services for a fee, unless the issue is a material defect covered under our warranty.

How long does the repair process take?

Approximately 2 weeks, as our artisans take care to ensure the best quality repair.

Who can I contact for more information on the warranty?

Reach out to our Customer Happiness Team for any additional queries on our 2-Year Warranty.


Do you offer personalization for leather products?

Yes, VAVCRAFT offers personalization services for our wallets and accessories. We recognize the importance of crafting distinct and meaningful items. Whether it's embossing initials or inscribing special messages, our personalization options enable you to create an item that's uniquely yours.


How can I pay?

We accept MasterCard, VISA, AmericanExpress, PayPal and Stripe.

How are refunds processed by VAVCRAFT?

For more details on returns and exchanges, please check here.

Please be aware that VAVCRAFT cannot refund using a different payment method than the one used to place the order. Once we receive your returned item at our warehouse, it can take up to 10-15 business days for our team to process it and send a return confirmation email.

  • Credit Card: Once the return is processed, it might take about 5-10 business days, depending on your bank, for the funds to be reflected in your account. If you've canceled or replaced your credit card, your bank will handle the transfer of the refunded amount.
  • Debit Visa Card: For online purchases made with a Debit Visa Card, refunds will be processed like credit card transactions, taking around 5-10 business days for the funds to show in your account. For in-store returns made with a Debit Visa Card, the refund will be processed immediately, provided the card is present during the transaction.
  • PayPal: After refunding to your PayPal account, you will receive a notification from PayPal. The funds might take about 5-10 business days to show in your bank account.
How do discount codes work?

To apply a discount, simply input the code into the "Add coupon code" field when you're in your cart.

  • Only one (1) discount or promotion can be applied per order. If you attempt to use a second discount code, our system will choose the best offer, and the second code won't be used.
  • Discount codes can't be combined with other promotions, referral credits, or any other type of discount. Furthermore, free shipping offers cannot be combined with discount codes.
  • VAVCRAFT reserves the right to hold or cancel orders that take advantage of multiple discount codes.
  • Please note that our "Buy One, Get One" (BOGO) promotions do not apply to products within the Bags category.
  • Please be aware that VAVCRAFT gift cards are not eligible for discounts.


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